ISTA Level 1 in Scotland

The Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience

12th – 18th May 2018

The Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience – Level 1

Come join us in the mystical land near the Findhorn Foundation in the Highlands of Scotland for the International School of Temple Arts – Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience Level 1 training.

Spiritual… Sexual ….Shamanic …  each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy.

What will I learn or gain from this Intensive Retreat?

ISTA Level 1 is a container that will allow, invite and offer you:

• It will invite you to take risks, meet and explore your edges in a safe container.

• Provide you with essential life skills we all should have received as teenagers.

• It will encourage you and show you how to seek wisdom from your body and heart, instead of your mind.

• Provide powerful opportunities for healing core wounds.

• To allow you to see and deeply understand that sexuality and spirituality are one.

• Offer you opportunities for deep healing around lost love, sexuality, grief, self love and mother and father wounds.

• To shine a light on places where culture, religion and society has kept us from expressing who we really are.

• Take part in powerful rituals that can bring deep healing and power reclamation.

• It will plead with you to know what it truly is to be a sovereign being.

How do you know it is transformational & universal?

Thousands of people have gone through this training worldwide, the individuals cover a wide age range from 18 to 80, varied backgrounds, all sexual orientations, those who are gender fluid or trans, differing professions from students, artists, surgeons, people from many different religions, races and nationalities. 

As this weeklong is a journey through life’s core experiences and wounds, it is universal. It touches and can affect individuals of any age, background, race etc, if you choose to allow and if you are open to receive the wisdom and gifts.

The Facilitators

You will be guided through this level by 3 highly skilled facilitators from the ISTA faculty – click on their image to go to their profile page.

Practical Information

Dates For Level 1

12th – 18th May 2018 – From 2pm on the 12th until 2pm on the 18th.


Newbold House near the Findhorn Foundation,

111 St Leonards Road,Forres IV36 2RE. Scotland.


Training Pricing for Level 1 (fully inclusive of all food and accommodation)


Normal Price: £1425

Repeating the Level 1 training – £1225 (repeater places on the Level 1 are reserved for those attending the Level 2).

SPECIAL DEAL: Book Level 1 and 2 together to get 5% off both!

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