Catherine Hale – Co Facilitator

Catherine’s work takes people into the depths of their being allowing them to discover the truth of who they are, through the exploration of their shadow. In this journey of the soul she guides them to return to the light so they can shine brighter and bolder and to be the love that they are.

With over 20 years of teaching experience Catherine blends the traditions of spiritual psychotherapy with shamanism, energy work and Tantra with body-based healing modalities. One of her joys is creating and working in ceremonial spaces, accessing the wisdom of plant teachers to facilitate transformation and celebration and using music to heal.

Her work with clients is about embodiment, taking people into the places where they have disconnected and reawakening their capacity to feel deeply. Here the connection between sexuality and spirituality is key, and supporting people back into pleasure is the pathway. Catherine has a passion for learning and is currently doing more trauma training with TRE (Trauma Release Exercises). She has been part of the ISTA Faculty for the last 4 years.

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